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Do you have a file you'd like to send to us? Simply fill in the form and select the type of cut/print service you need Once the file is uploaded, we'll pull the artwork and review it.
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Please select the type of Cutting/Printing Service required from the list below:
Cad-Printz™ Digital Transfers
Custom CAD-CUT® (pre-positioned on carrier)
Custom Cut Applique/Heat Seal Materials
  1. Estimated Review period. All artwork files received for estimate should be reviewed within 24 hours. Once reviewed, your file will be assigned a status. We will notify you of this status as soon as it is assigned via the email address you provide.
  2. Check all files for viruses. We will not accept any files that contain viruses.
  3. Submit ONE artwork file per order. A reference number will be assigned to each file. Please do not include multiple pages in your files. Send each as an individual file.